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  EthicsPapers.Com is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. It is unique in content from all other Paper Store sites in that it deals only with research papers in one particular field of study: ethical theory. Formed in 1994, The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. serves the college student community with examples of papers and reports covering a wide range of topics. The company's goal is for students to use our writings as one concise tutorial source. The Paper Store's work is designed to explain, explicate, and simplify topics while covering all relevant areas of study and citing sources of authority in the field. Students are responsible for citing our globally-published essays as they would any other source. What separates The Paper Store's writing from traditional articles, however, is that it is geared specifically towards the student and serves essentially as a review of pertinent theory capable of critically analyzing & summarizing a topic in one concise source. Rather than having to digest an entire meatloaf of filler writing in just one bite, we slice topics into several digestible portions--feeding the subject matter to students much easier than if they were to try to swallow an entire topic on their own via an abundance of books & articles.  The Paper Store's reports are also offered to serve as models; examples of organization and clear-thinking from which students can learn to better write their own term papers. Our employees are thoroughly trained and our contractors are professionals in their respective fields with years of experience helping students succeed. To find out more about us, examine our papers..! CLICK HERE for a list of abstracts....

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